Bamboo Tissue Gets Cheeky

Bamboo Tissue Gets Cheeky
Bamboo Tissue Gets Cheeky

Considerate Hoteliers supplier member The Cheeky Panda has gone from a couple’s concept into a UK phenomenon in just under two years. Chris Forbes and Julie Chen started the bamboo tissue business back in 2016 to use alternative more sustainable sources for tissue than trees.

Chris said: “Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant, so it was a no brainer to see if we could make tissue from it. As bamboo is a grass unlike trees you don’t dig out the root system every time it harvests, so no soil erosion. Bamboo also produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon than trees so it has a lower carbon footprint.”

Julie said: “We saw other big brands emerge over the past five years that were based around natural and sustainable products so a lot of the hard work in educating the public on making better choices had been done for us. Bamboo was already being used for socks and clothing so a lot of people already knew its benefits skin friendly benefits.”

Since launching the bamboo tissue products in August last year, The Cheeky Panda brand quickly became an online bestseller and a favourite with eco stores in London like As Nature Intended and now Wholefoods Market. The company is also supplying a number of hospitality businesses that have embedded responsible procurement and business practices into their operations. Bamboo tissue products supplied to the hospitality industry include: bamboo toilet tissue; z-fold bamboo paper hand towels; four and eight-fold bamboo paper napkins; and luxury bamboo facial tissue.

“The big companies have got right behind us as it fits perfectly with their corporate social responsibility target around sustainability and low carbon. It’s not just about creating a good business it’s about creating a brand that can make a difference and inspire others to be green entrepreneurs”, added Julie.

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