Biological Cleaning in Hospitality

Biological Cleaning in Hospitality
Biological Cleaning in Hospitality

Biological cleaning products are generally considered to be products that use good bacteria and the enzymes they produce as cleaning agents. These friendly bacteria can also produce other actives including acids, polymers and other cleaning agents.

How does biological cleaning work in practise? Different dirt sources, 
such as fats, oils, food
 debris, body fat and 
body waste are all good source of food for Biovation’s positive bacteria,
which produce enzymes to help them break down the waste, which can be likened to us producing saliva to help us eat our food.

Housekeeping unlike any other cleaning sector is very unique where high standards are required with very little time to “turn rooms around”.

By utilising biological cleaning,  you not only get an immediate clean but thanks to residual cleaning BioVations products continue to clean for hours, and even days after the initial clean. Spreading positive bacteria on the surfaces that counteract negative bacteria and protect the surface for your staff, property and guests. BioVations products are super concentrated running up to 400/1 for multi-purpose cleaning, add this to the neutral PH level’s and diluted products not carrying any CLP regulation or requiring individual risk assessments –BioVation is not only saving you time cleaning, but also on COSHH administration, risk management, storage and even training thanks to the support team and mobile application (BioVation)

BioVation use the most advanced technology to demonstrate this, simply clean with your current products and swab the surface using an ATP monitor, then clean with Biovation’s biological cleaning products and watch the result drop dramatically – proving biotechnology is the future of cleaning!

If sustainability, safety, environment and performance are as important to you as cost, then BioVation could be the answer for your hotel’s cleaning requirements.

BioVation changing the way the world cleans one trigger at a time!

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