BioVation News Update!

BioVation News Update!
BioVation News Update!

We are excited to announce a change in ownership at BioVation, a valued supplier member of Considerate Hoteliers.

The BioVation team are specialists in biological cleaning products – products that use good bacteria and the enzymes they produce as cleaning agents. These friendly bacteria can also produce other actives including acids, polymers and other cleaning agents.

The products are also super-concentrated – reducing costs and environmental impact through reduced deliveries and waste. They have a tailored hospitality range which has product solutions for every cleaning task you can imagine!

The brand was launched as part of Hydrachem Ltd in 2017. Following its fantastic growth, two former members of the Hydrachem team, Adam Trew and Richard Burnikell, have now purchased the BioVation business.

The business was relaunched at a recent open day, showcasing their new office, warehouse and vehicles.

There will be no changes to the client experience at this time, and orders should be placed through normal distribution channels as before.

Future development in products, training materials and service are at the forefront of their mission statement for the coming months.

Adam and Richard would like to thank Hydrachem Ltd for their ongoing support in the past, and for the future of this exciting business venture.

They also extend their thanks to their existing clients for their continued support of the BioVation brand. They are looking forward to developing the brand and business to truly change the way the world cleans, one trigger at a time.

Please get in contact with BioVation for more information:

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