UK’s Climate Change Commitments

UK’s Climate Change Commitments
UK’s Climate Change Commitments

Brexit will not affect the UK’s climate change commitments, says Considerate Hoteliers Sustainability Manager Leyla Basacik. Amid concerns over what the UK’s vote to leave the EU could mean for climate change, The UK Government has approved the Fifth Carbon Budget, endorsing the Committee on Climate Change’s  target to limit emissions to 57% lower than 1990 levels between 2028 and 2032, at 1,725MtCO2e.

The Committee on Climate Change is an independent, statutory body established under the Climate Change Act 2008. Its purpose is to advise the UK government and devolved administrations on emissions targets and report to Parliament on progress made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for climate change.

The Committee on Climate Change provides independent advice to Government on setting and meeting carbon budgets and preparing for climate change; monitors progress in reducing emissions and achieving carbon budget;  conducts independent analysis into climate change science, economics and policy; and engages with a wide range of organisations and individuals to share evidence and analysis.

The Fifth Carbon Budget essentially sets the scope for policy and regulatory frameworks that seek to drive carbon reductions within the UK. Under UK law, the government had until the end of June 2016 to accept or reject this target put forward by its independent climate advisors. Many feared the Brexit outcome of the referendum see the government miss this critical deadline, however the approval of this target now reaffirms the UK’s commitment to tackling climate change, even outside the EU.

Budget Carbon budget level Reduction below base year (1990)
2008 – 2012 3,018 MtCO2e 23%
2013 – 2017 2,782 MtCO2e 29%
2018 – 2022 2,544 MtCO2e 35% by 2020
2023 – 2027 1,950 MtCO2e 50% by 2025
2028 – 2032 1,765 MtCO2e 57% by 2032


This decision sends a clear signal to UK businesses, including those in the hospitality industry, to continue to make every effort to reduce their emissions. Contact  Leyla Basacik on +44 (0)203 643 5659 for more information.

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