deliverBEST from the Cross River Partnership

deliverBEST from the Cross River Partnership
deliverBEST from the Cross River Partnership

Have you heard of deliverBEST? Would you like to help improve the air quality in London whilst also saving time and money for your business? Considerate Hoteliers has partnered with Cross River Partnership (CRP), a public-private partnership that has been delivering regeneration projects across London since 1994, and we would like to introduce to one of their great initiatives.

As part of their mission to improve air quality in London, CRP operates deliverBEST, a business support service, to help businesses reduce their emissions.

Save time and money while reducing local traffic and improving air pollution by reviewing your procurement practices. Cross River Partnership’s deliverBEST programme supports London businesses to make deliveries of goods and servicing to their premises more efficient by offering practical solutions that are easy to implement.

Just complete a quick, 1-minute, online questionnaire at and immediately receive relevant recommendations that you may not have considered before. The deliverBEST team is then available to provide bespoke support, provide implementation insights, measure your results, and help communicate the impact of your actions.

The tool and business support service are free, so get involved today!

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