EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2016

EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2016
EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2016

The EAT Forum, organised by the EAT Foundation, has been bringing leaders from the fields of science, politics, business and civil society together for the last three years, to shift food systems towards greater sustainability, health, security, and equity within the boundaries of our planet.

Attendance to the forum is by invitation only and Considerate Hoteliers was lucky enough to be part of this very high-level conference. Its purpose is to establish the food agenda as a top priority to tackle the 17 SDG’s; create healthy diets from sustainable food sources; and offer a platform for global initiatives and partnerships.

Emerging Trends
• Incorporation of SDG‘s into all corporations, political systems and their activities
• Huge costs of diabetes and malnutrition that will hit  governments worldwide – nutrition is the new climate change
• Mega cities and their impact on the environment – creating the right food systems
• Agriculture is now the largest contributor to GHG’s, overtaking energy and transport
• Food waste and its GHG – 17% in London
• Food crisis and migration

Key Messages
• Importance of SDG’s for transforming the food agenda
• SDG‘s are a road map for implementation of actions and achievements
• Establishment of urban food chains and production
• Obesity needs to be addressed, urgently
• Integration of city systems and food systems
• Partnerships and goal setting enhances transparency and action
• Transparency in food supply chain

Sadly, there were few representatives from the hotel sector present, apart from the Nordic Choice Group, which is  owned by the Storddalen family, founders of the  Forum. It is crucial for hospitality businesses, as key stakeholders, to get involved in the discussion around food, given the revenue value of food and beverage. Considerate Hoteliers has formed a strategic alliance with the EAT Forum to bring more hoteliers to the event in 2017. It will offer an industry specific workshop, showcase best practice examples, and provide tools to integrate better food products.

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