Global Female Leaders Forum 2018, Berlin

Global Female Leaders Forum 2018, Berlin
Global Female Leaders Forum 2018, Berlin

It was an incredible honour to be asked to deliver a spotlight presentation as one of the speakers at this year’s Global Female Leaders Forum– The Economic Forum for Female Leaders, which was celebrated under the motto of ‘Change is possible when we stand fearless!’

And fearless they all are! For 2 days dynamic female executives from all over the globe met in Berlin for intensive networking, exchange of ideas and experiences as well as some extremely inspirational presentations, panel discussion and workshop sessions.

Having never attended this event before, I was thoroughly excited by the simple idea of spending two days surrounded with so many influential women. But nothing prepared me for the powerful energy that would be unleashed when you bring so many visionaries together.

With a wide array of topics for discussion, including AI, IOT, innovation, the opportunities of sustainability, renewable energy, even covering beauty and handbags, there was something new to be learned for all. But above all what impressed me most was the level of professionalism, the depth of knowledge, the specific know-how and the entrepreneurship present throughout.

No wonder this event is already been lauded as the female answer to the World Economic Forum’s Davos!

For me it was a true eye opener as to how far the advancement of SDG 5 for Gender Equality has come but also a stark reminder as to how much further we still have to go, with so many companies and governments still overpoweringly run by men.

As I was asked to give a short Ted-Talk like presentation on Considerate Hoteliers my theme of ’50 shades of Green’ or ‘How to make sustainability & responsible business practices sexy’ seemed to have found the right audience. I have to say that I have never enjoyed giving a presentation as much ever before, receiving an enormous amount of supportive and positive feedback from many!

“It starts with one girl, one woman, one dream, one computer. One step at a time, we will change the world together!”

Xenia zu Hohenlohe

Watch Xenia’s presentation here

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