International Day of Charity – Room to Reward

International Day of Charity – Room to Reward
International Day of Charity – Room to Reward

On this International Day of Charity, we would like to highlight the work of Room to Reward – a unique volunteer recognition charity, who operate in the UK hospitality industry.

Using unsold rooms to give back to charities’ Hidden Heroes

Unsold hotel rooms add up to approximately £5billion in wasted assets for the hospitality industry every year. Surely there’s a better use for these empty rooms? Introducing Room to Reward, a unique charity created to give back to those who make a difference and enable hotels to put those rooms to great use.

How it works

Room to Reward works on a simple premise. Hotels donate their anticipated unsold rooms to the initiative, who then invite other registered UK charities to nominate their Hidden Heroes – inspirational volunteers and staff who go above and beyond in their dedication and impact – for a complimentary, one or two-night break on a bed & breakfast basis.

The story so far

Room to Reward was founded in 2015. The idea is the brainchild of Nicolas Roach, Chairman of the Nicolas James Group which owns Harbour Hotels. From humble beginnings, the charity now partners with over 200 hotels located throughout the UK. More than 260 Hidden Heroes have enjoyed a Room to Reward break and in excess of £125,000 worth of stays have been donated.

The R2R Impact

The impact of Room to Reward on both the hospitality and charity sectors led to Nic receiving the government’s Points of Light Award in 2017.

“Many generously donate their time to important charitable causes. At certain times hotel rooms are left vacant, and this presents a fantastic opportunity to reward those who may not ordinarily be able to afford a stay. Collectively we can make a real difference to the lives of those who deserve our thanks and applause.“
Robin Sheppard, Chairman of the Institute of Hospitality/Bespoke Hotels and Room to Reward Ambassador

“Sometimes in life you don’t realise what you’ve achieved until somebody else says: ‘Hey, look what you’ve done!’ And that’s what the nomination to Room to Reward gave me. It made me think: ‘Wow, I really have done something here that made a difference.’”
Hidden Hero, Macmillan Caring Locally

“Room to Reward has been a great way to recognise the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. Room to Reward is really simple but effective and offers volunteers the opportunity to take a well-deserved break.”
Celia Abbott, Retail Volunteering Manager, SCOPE

On this International Day of Charity, hear more inspirational stories from the Hidden Heroes and the simple logistics behind partnering with Room to Reward by visiting

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