International Youth Day

International Youth Day
International Youth Day

12th August is International Youth Day. The theme of this years UN organised event is #SafeSpaces4Youth

The youth of today represent the future of tomorrow. How do you support youth in your business? Do you support young people in your community? Do you offer training & development opportunities for young employees?

There has been no shortage of news in the UK about the possibility of staff shortages in the hospitality industry post-Brexit. A range of surveys have indicated that somewhere between 4 – 11% of those working in hotels, bars, restaurants and catering operations are considering leaving the UK in light of the unknown future after Brexit. It has also been suggested that 16% of hospitality managers are unsure if they will be able to meet their staffing requirements with domestic staff over the next five years.

These predictions may or may not be accurate. Even if the future is not quite as bleak as has been suggested, the current climate could still offer a good opportunity to highlight the wide range of great career options that hospitality can offer to the young people in your community. Do you currently employ apprentices in your operation? This can be a great way to engage with youth and your community, and offer them a safe and rewarding career opportunity. The UK government website provides further details on employing an apprentice in your business.

There are other options available for offering employment and training opportunities for young people. Edwardian Hotels, a longstanding client of Considerate Hoteliers, supports the Springboard charity amongst its numerous commitments to operating a responsible business. This UK-based charity helps young people find sustainable employment within the hospitality industry, by offering advice and training, and organising work experience to get people on the road to employment.

On an international level, the Youth Career Initiative also offers a route into education and employment in the hospitality industry for young people who have faced significant life challenges.

Could you offer training and employment to a young person and potentially turn their life around? Or can you raise funds to further support these initiatives?

There are many ways in which you can support young people in your business, whether through employment and training, charitable support, or engaging with your community. We can all help to create more #SafeSpaces4Youth this International Youth Day and beyond.

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