It must be NOW!

It must be NOW!
It must be NOW!

One of the exciting new partnerships we are delighted to be presenting to you in more detail today is our alliance with It must be NOW – a new marketing alliance for inspiring and responsible hotels, resorts, lodges and cruise-liners. It also offers a booking platform for the conscious traveller to make informed choices and book direct without charging its members commissions.

Aimed at both travellers as well as at the travel industry, their mission is to grow the global community who believe that both parties have a responsibility to be a Force for Good – to achieve a paradigm shift and fundamentally change attitudes and behaviour within the travel industry.

Founded and created by Onna Poortier – ex-hotelier and a legend in the sector – and his wife Alexa – a highly accomplished senior executive in media and communications who spent most of her career working for CNBC, NewsCorp and JMA/Edelman PR – this is a legacy project to support the travel industry, helping it thrive in the future without having a negative impact on people and the planet.

A Force for Good with a mission to boldly advance sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practice in the travel industry.

An online portal providing discussion, research, innovations and inspiration on how to travel with a conscience, which also aims to inform, inspire and empower travellers to make the smart choice how to travel responsibly and who to stay with.

For hotels NOW raises the bar on accountability and transparency around sustainability, galvanizing the travel industry to be a Force for Good. Plus it offers access to consumers and influencers, the biggest generations of travellers and employees – Gen Y & Z, who prefer sustainable travel experiences – increasing direct bookings with no commission charged.

The NOW project has recently launched a booking tool to help travellers pick the right hotel for them. What makes it different is the level of detail it goes into to track the sustainability efforts of each hotel, going beyond energy efficient light bulbs to highlight positive employment policies, menu alternatives (gluten-free? No problem), waste reduction initiatives and community projects.

All Considerate Hoteliers members will have access to a special ‘sign-up’ rate which also offers a free NOW Tracker Assessment, powered by one of the World’s most comprehensive certification bodies, Earth Check, enabling hotels to show more transparency on their progress with their own sustainability goals and agenda.

All Con-Serve users will be fast tracked for the NOW Tracker Assessment, promoted and given extra visual recognition in their profiles in the NOW Track & Book technology tool for all stakeholders.

Please get in touch with us should you be interested to hear more about these special offers.

We very much look forward to joining forces to be an even stronger ‘Force for Good’ in the travel and hospitality sector together and NOW.

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