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The hospitality industry
can make a major difference

Think about it. On any given night how many people are sleeping in hotels, using energy and resources? Add in the number of meals, drinks and other services that we’re providing for our customers. It’s not surprising that the travel & tourism sector currently contributes about 8% to global CO2 emissions

We can play a big part in making things better, now. For over 8 years, the Considerate Group has been at the forefront of leading this change. Just see what we’ve achieved across our member hotels.

Data collection period, from 2015 to 2019 inclusive.

This is good, but never enough. The time to save our planet is ticking away and we all need to accelerate change. Our industry really can play a big part and we’re here to help you.

See how it adds up

 “The moment of crisis has come.
We can no longer prevaricate”

Sir David Attenborough

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