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Autumn News Bulletin 2021

October 19, 2021

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Xenia zu Hohenlohe

‘The Race to Net Carbon Zero’ is a term which seems to have made its way into every C-Suite in our sector over the last few months to the same extent ESG did last year.

A lot of the major hotel companies including Marriott, Hilton and IHG, to mention only a few, have recently launched their ambitions to ‘go net-zero’. And the debate on how to reach these goals ahead of COP26, kick-starting in Glasgow next week, is heating up across the tourism industry too. There will be the launch of the ‘Pathway to Net Carbon Positive’ by the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, in partnership with the UNWTO and WTTC, a much-needed collaboration which should not only ensure that we as an industry have a framework to orientate ourselves on, but also help all hospitality businesses set their targets for this important journey.

But as we all know making pledges is the easy part of this process – although even those need recognition given that a few years ago many big players in the market were still finding it difficult to define sustainability or to even recognise climate change as a challenge on their radar. So, the good news is that the denial phase has given way to a pledge phase.

However, now we need to move on to the tough work of turning pledges into actual reductions, WITHOUT relying solely on carbon offsets, which the world does not have enough capacity given all the Net- Carbon Zero commitments made by multinationals and governments globally.

To add to this challenge, the rising costs of fuel and gas are adding further pressure and keeping the focus on reducing actual emissions both direct and indirect (Scope 1 & 2) at the property and business levels. To do this we need solid data on all of our resource consumption and good technology (for example our platform Con-Serve™) to gain insight and also importantly motivated staff to then make the necessary behavioural changes. Additionally, it is important for both asset owners and operators to collaborate and make coherent joint plans to assign responsibilities both for Capex and Opex investments needed to further achieve energy efficiency in the hotels.

We at Considerate have been and still are active participants in various industry discussion platforms, such as IHIF and GRI, which bring all of the various stakeholders of our industry together – from developers to investors, asset funds and operators so that coherent initiatives can be made to jointly achieve our set goals.

Having completed various Carbon Reports for clients over the past few years and prompted by our B Corp status, our team has also worked hard to define our own yearly carbon inventory for 2021. We published our own first report on our website and have made our own first commitments for further reductions for the next couple of years.

For anyone who has not yet started addressing this major topic within their company, our team of experts in both sustainability, as well as data analytics, is more than happy to help you define your own pathway to carbon positive.

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