Autumn News Bulletin Editor’s Message

Autumn News Bulletin Editor’s Message
Autumn News Bulletin Editor’s Message

I am not a huge believer in the adoption of responsible business practices purely for compliancy purposes, but sometimes we need to go the extra mile. Realising the need for official recognition, Considerate Hoteliers underwent the ISO 50001 Energy Management  System certification* process for  its Con-Serve™ data management system, which supports hospitality businesses in collecting and collating their data for such an energy audit.

The ISO 50001 certification* process was an eye-opening experience for us. Whereas supporting clients in their energy audits is one thing; stepping inside their shoes raises awareness of the complexity of the process. However, it also highlights the precise reason for which these audits were designed. Using energy efficiently helps organizations save money as well as helping to conserve resources and tackle climate change.

Con-Serve’s™ strengths in regards to an energy audit are:

• Easy data compilation and validation
• Meaningful visualisation and analysis
• The ability to store historical data
• Control of key outputs within a business

As for  improvements, we are very excited to announce the up-coming launch of Con-Serve™  Vs 2, with many new features that will make data monitoring and the control of resource consumption even more efficient. There will be an app to support data upload and reduce administrative time, plus a new reporting section to facilitate data analysis for all stakeholders.

We are extremely proud to have achieved  the ISO 50001 certificate* for Con-Serve™  and look forward to supporting even more hospitality businesses with their own audits going forward!

Xenia zu Hohenlohe
Partner/Director of Marketing

*NB Whereas the compliancy certificate has been issued by a German body of certification it is valid in all countries where the  ISO 50001 can be completed.

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