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Battlesteads reduce emissions for SEVEN consecutive years!

April 23, 2019

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Anton Kelly


Battlesteads, a 3 star hotel in Northumberland, has managed to reduce emissions per room night for an impressive seven years in a row. What is remarkable about this achievement is not only the gradual improvement, but also the staggering overall decrease from seven years ago – emissions per room night today are roughly a fifth of where they were in 2012 – a decrease of almost 80%.

How did Battlesteads achieve this reduction? The most significant impact has been achieved by procuring green energy, and by generating both solar and biomass energy onsite.

Current emissions per room night sit at 5.3kg CO2 – almost a sixth of the UK industry hotel benchmark as specified by the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative. During the past year alone, the hotel reduced emissions per room night by a massive 9% and total emissions by 10%. These savings are equivalent to growing 205 tree seedlings for 10 years.

The hotel made several additional changes over the past year to help them reduce emissions & achieve these impressive results. They insulated all pipes and boilers throughout the building to reduce unnecessary heat loss, tracked their energy usage trends through new weekly electricity hotspot reports in Con-Serve™, and very importantly, they also continued to educate their employees to take simple steps to avoid inefficient use of resources.

As a long-standing user of Con-Serve™, we would like to congratulate Battlesteads on these exceptional achievements.