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Biograsp Bioactive Kitchen Cleaner

May 19, 2017

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Kate Orszulik


Biograsp by BioVation is a bioactive, biological kitchen cleaner that is food safe and non-tainting. It removes all fat, soils and grease deposits within a kitchen area. The bioactive, advanced fermentation extracts mean’s the product will not only remove the grease; but Biograsp also leaves a “Biofilm” that actively improves the slip resistance on the floors, which is ideal busy kitchens.

Environmental benefits include:

• Low aquatic toxicity and readily biodegradable
• Reduced chemical waste due to bioactive ingredients rather than harsh chemical compounds.
• Super concentrated product reduces transportation, packaging and water usage versus chemicals
• Reduced energy usage (effective cleaning without hot water)

BioVation’s Biograsp technology is based on combining readily biodegradable surfactants, active fermentative extracts and natural bacterial cultures. The precise combination of ingredients gets powerful cleaning results from BioVation products without the need for solvents or high pH levels. The fermentation extracts attack grease instead of emulsifying with it. And the bacteria digest the grease left behind. Biograsp technology ensures you receive an absolute clean every time.

Watch the Training Video Here