Choosing Cooking Oil Storage Containers

Choosing Cooking Oil Storage Containers
Choosing Cooking Oil Storage Containers

Many of Proper Oils customers pour their waste cooking oil back into their empty oil tins or plastic containers for storage. If that is working efficiently for your business, that’s great. You’ll save the cost of recycling the drums, while making collections easy for our driver. However, many of Proper Oils customers have been moving away from storing their used oil in this way – particularly those producing high volumes.

One reason is that the drums can clutter up kitchen or storage areas. Another is that it’s easy to lose lids – this can cause oil spill problems in kitchens, while making it difficult for Proper Oils to transport them safely.

A solution is to store your oil in a specially designed Proper Oils bin or barrel, which Proper Oils can lend their clients free of charge.

Each has been designed with the demands of storing used cooking in oil in bulk in mind – so they are securely sealed and easy to handle with sturdy lids.

If you choose one of these options, Proper Oils will simply take away your full bin or barrel when they come to collect your used cooking oil, and replace it with a cleaned, empty one. Proper Oils can supply as many required.

Here are some points to think about when making your choice:

1. How much used cooking oil do you produce every week?
2. Do you need help recycling your tins or plastics?
3. Do Proper Oils delivery drivers need to access stairs to reach your storage area?
4. Is your storage area accessible from the ground floor or is there a lift that will transport a large storage container?
5. Do you find lots of used cooking oil drips and spills on your kitchen floor?
6. Remember that the more waste cooking oil Proper Oil collects, the more they pay you


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