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Con-Serve™ Roaming Kit

March 15, 2017

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Anton Kelly

A Con-Serve™ roaming kit is an innovative mobile measuring device that equips you to identify energy ho spots within your hotel; and consequently take appropriate actions to reduce energy cost and gain a competitive advantage. Once installed, the Con-Serve™ roaming kit can measure energy sub-distribution of a specific area, e.g. kitchen, conference room, spa, reception area, or track flow in individual water pipes. This compact device will help you to identify faulty spots, instantly.

Consumption data is collected in the Con-Serve roaming kit by automatic sensors and is fed directly into Con-Serve™ , Considerate Hoteliers data management system. You can view – at a glance – the property’s energy and water consumption using the analytics feature within the Con-Serve™ platform.The Con-Serve roaming kit leverages on autonomous sensors provided by the EpiSensor technology that allow measurements to be taken at multiple locations on property.
The roaming kit can also measure:

•Room temperature
•Liquid and surface temperatures
•Air humidity
•Flow rates in pipes
•Electricity sub-distribution

The Con-Serve™ roaming kit, in combination with Con-Serve™ , helps you to analyse your consumption data and evaluate your consumption trends.

The mobile measuring unit will collect transparent and validated data that will allow you to identify appropriate energy efficiency measures and provide sound arguments for the implementation of internal processes.

The Con-Serve™ roaming kit offers a unique opportunity to reduce resource consumption quickly and efficiently, and to reduce costs without undertaking a large investment in a full sensor hardware system.