New Considerate App – Phase 2

New Considerate App – Phase 2
New Considerate App – Phase 2

We are now midway through Phase 2 of the Government’s Non-domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition and are busy testing our new Considerate App with SME Hospitality representatives. The UK’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is running this £8.8 million innovation competition to develop exciting, new and intuitive solutions to turn energy data into energy saving actions thus helping businesses, which traditionally do not have dedicated on-site energy management staff.

With our strong expertise in the hospitality industry, we are delivering a new mobile Considerate App designed specifically to streamline energy management for SME hospitality businesses. The App’s features and design take into account the unique requirements of both smaller businesses and hospitality operations, such as a restricted budget and time and the significant impact of variation in daily occupancy levels. As such, the App provides users with their latest energy and cost performance at a quick glance, correlates this to relevant industry metrics and communicates only the relevant information in a simple form. The App also provides actionable insight on how to achieve energy, emission and cost savings and is designed to empower the whole team to reduce energy. Get in touch to find out more about the App.

We are proud to have successfully delivered Phase 1 of the project, which included developing the first App prototype, integrating the app with live data and securing valuable industry, data integration and user testing partnerships. Through early user testing we were able to confirm that hospitality representatives deem the App and its core features valuable and useful, which is extremely encouraging.

In this Phase we are focusing on further validation of the App features and its effectiveness in improving energy management of SME hospitality businesses.  We are therefore conducting different strands of user testing, partially also in collaboration with the University of Surrey’s Digital Lab.

Surrey’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has a world-class reputation and is within the top five for hospitality and leisure management in international rankings. The Digital Lab is tracking testers’ eye movements and levels of emotional stress when interacting with the Considerate App, to gain a more profound understanding of the user experience. Our Alpha and Beta testing is planned for 2019 with up to 300 users testing the App. If you are interested to be part of the testing and help shape our new App please get in touch.

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