Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour 2019
Earth Hour 2019

On 30th March 2019 we celebrate Earth Hour – whereby people and businesses worldwide are encouraged to switch off their power at the same time for one hour. This annual worldwide movement was started by the WWF as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007.

“The idea was born out of frustration,” said Andy Ridley, founder of Earth Hour & former CEO of Earth Hour Global. “Around 2004, very serious climate change data started to emerge, but we couldn’t get any traction on the issue. So we started looking for a way to mainstream climate change, really simply and at a global level.”

Since the first event, it has captured the imagination of those throughout the world. In 2018 more than 180 countries and territories worldwide took part, and more than 17,900 landmarks & monuments switched off their lights.

It is a straightforward way for everyone to get involved in the fight against climate change and feel they are part of something which is making a difference – 90% of those who take part in Earth Hour have said it inspires them to do more to protect the planet. As Andy also added: “Importantly, we wanted to start something that isn’t focused on people’s despair at the long-term climate change problems the human race is facing. We wanted something really positive.”

Hotels worldwide also get involved in Earth Hour. It is a great way to engage guests with your sustainability initiatives and create a sense of fun! Turning off the lights & using candles in restaurant and bar areas makes for a great atmosphere. Plus it also serves the purpose of raising awareness on all your other CSR efforts with both staff as well as guests. WWF has information & resources for hotels to get involved.

At Considerate we would love to hear about how you got involved! Share your photos, your posts, your stories, initiatives and any guest feedback.

Earth Hour 2019 is on 30 March 2019, 8:30 pm / 20.30 local time.

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