Electricity Generation Declines in the UK

Electricity Generation Declines in the UK
Electricity Generation Declines in the UK

This month, The Guardian identified the declining output of power stations within the UK, with electricity output for 2018 being the lowest since 1994. The decline was largely due to an increase in energy efficiency, while renewables, which included biomass, hydro, solar and wind power, achieved a record share of the total UK electricity supply, accounting for 33%.

Perhaps the most surprising fact is that the reduction in power occurred despite there being 8 million more people living in the country. Simon Evans, Policy Editor at Carbon Brief stated that the decline in electricity usage could be due to more efficient appliances, energy-saving light bulbs, businesses installing more LED retrofits, supermarkets installing better fridges, and industry using more efficient pumps.

UK Electricity Generation 1950-2018

In terms of electricity production, France, which has a similar population size to the UK, produced 551 TWh in 2017 while the UK produced 336 TWh, of which 445 TWh and 305 TWh was consumed respectively. (Enerdata, 2018). The difference may exist due to the fact that the UK has a greater percentage share of wind and solar in the power mix, with the UK holding the 5th highest share globally at 18%.

The UK reached another milestone last year, with renewable energy capacity surpassing fossil fuels for the first time between July and September 2018, and tripling over the last 5 years. (The Guardian, 2018). In the past year coal capacity has also fallen by one quarter, with only six coal-fired plants remaining in the UK.

Renewable Energy Capacity Surpasses Fossil Fuels in the UK

We are excited to follow the continued improvements which the UK will make over the next 5 years as the country adapts to climate change and focuses on using natural resources more sustainably and efficiently.

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