Meet ‘fluttr’ – the latest addition to our sustainability solutions

Meet ‘fluttr’ – the latest addition to our sustainability solutions
Meet ‘fluttr’ – the latest addition to our sustainability solutions

We, at the Considerate Group, are proud to announce the name & look of our new mobile app, designed specifically to streamline energy management for SME hospitality businesses.

The development of this app is part of the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) £8.8 million innovation competition to develop exciting, new and innovative solutions to assist hospitality, retail businesses and schools to monitor and reduce their energy usage.

Following research suggesting that SMEs within these sectors use the same amount of energy as 43 million homes in the UK, the aim is to reduce consumption by one quarter with more efficient practices – thereby helping the government achieve its carbon reduction targets.

With the first prototypes completed and having integrated the app with live energy data, we have now chosen the brand and name of our new app.

Fluttr – ‘small actions – one movement’ – is an app designed to help small hospitality businesses, which traditionally do not have dedicated on-site energy management staff. Its features and design take into account the unique requirements of both smaller businesses and hospitality operations, such as restricted budgets and time, as well as the significant impact of variation in daily business levels.

We are now focused on testing ‘fluttr’ with further representatives of the hospitality sector in the final phase of the project, by offering the unique opportunity to all hospitality businesses to trial the app for free for 8 months from May 2019.  Hotels, hostels, pubs, cafes and restaurants are all welcome to join the testing round and benefit from better energy management.

The Considerate Group already has expertise in bringing innovative solutions to the market, tailored to the hospitality industry, through our platform Con-Serve™. Leveraging on this understanding of hospitality operations, ‘fluttr’ provides users with tips on how to improve current practices tailored not only to the individual business type, but also to specific job functions. Thus, it allows businesses to empower the whole team to reduce energy.

To request more information about the app, or to express interest in participating in the trial, click here.

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