The fight against plastic pollution continues!

July 22, 2020

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Xenia zu Hohenlohe

Considerate Group is very pleased to announce we are officially signatories of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative and supporters of the Recommendations for the Tourism Sector to Continue Taking Action on Plastic Pollution During COVID-19 Recovery. The recommendations were publicly launched this week by the Plastics Initiative, which itself was launched in January of this year.

By becoming signatories of this important initiative, we have set ambitious commitments demonstrating our leading role in acting upon the issue of plastic pollution despite the very challenging times that the tourism industry is facing.

The recommendations for the sector were developed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, supported by the Advisory Group of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, of which Considerate Group is an active member.

These recommendations are aimed at tourism stakeholders with the aim of supporting them to continue fighting plastic pollution during the COVID-19 recovery. The document illustrates how reducing the plastic footprint, increasing the engagement of suppliers, working closer with waste service providers, and ensuring transparency on actions taken, can significantly contribute to the responsible recovery of the tourism sector. They further highlight the importance of cleaning and sanitation procedures as well as ongoing and transparent communication with both staff and guests during and after the pandemic. The recommendations can be downloaded here

In the same UNEP press release on the recommendations, the first batch of signatories of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative was announced. To date, these include tourism businesses and organizations from across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas – and at Considerate Group we are proud to be among them. The list of the signatories can be consulted here.

If you are a hospitality business we would like to invite you to join this initiative and become a signatory yourself and be part of this sector-wide call to action on plastic pollution.