Choose Greener Stationery!

Choose Greener Stationery!
Choose Greener Stationery!

Is your stationery green? Many hospitality businesses want to be more sustainable without compromising on design or paying a huge premium. Ensuring all your stationery both front and back of house is as sustainable as possible is a relatively straightforward switch to make – and can also provide a great talking point.

Considerate suppliers the Green Stationery Company first began offering a greener alternative 30 years ago – and this family-run business has maintained its strong ethical and environmental focus with the changing times.

They have a wide range of products available – some of which are manufactured by them, and some of which they import from like-minded suppliers in the EU. We wanted to highlight a selection of our favourite products!

Their Green Menu pages showcase menu covers in a range of materials – including cork, jute and recycled leather, and the vast majority of which can be personalised.

High quality paper which could be used in menus or other displays are made from sustainable and sometimes unusual materials, including Alga Carta paper which is made from Algae removed from the Venice lagoon – algae which would otherwise damage fragile marine areas. They stock paper made partly from leftover brewing products, and ‘Grape Crush’ paper containing residue from wine production.

Wooden desk accessories can be a great alternative to plastic – the items on offer from Green Stationery Company are made from bamboo or sustainably sourced wood.

In December 2016, the European Commission passed new regulation restricting the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in thermal paper in the EU.  After 2 January 2020, thermal paper which contains BPA in a concentration equal to or more than 0.02% by weight will be banned throughout the EU. Green Stationery Company are stocking a BPA free thermal credit card roll which does not contain the chemical.

They offer a personalised service and work hard to not only offer sustainable products – but also to operate sustainably themselves. They use locally-sourced reclaimed packaging materials to wrap customer orders, and carbon offsetting is available to those who wish to minimise the impact of the emissions caused by their deliveries. They have sustainability running through their core and we are proud to work with them!

Check out their website to see their full range of products!

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