Hotel Owner Sustainability Index

Hotel Owner Sustainability Index
Hotel Owner Sustainability Index

The Hotel Owner Sustainability Index, in collaboration with Con-Serve™ by Considerate Hoteliers is a new monthly feature within Hotel Owner that aims to increase the awareness on the different types of environmental and sustainability data available for and about hotels, by making it as easy as possible for those who care about their hospitality businesses’ impact on the environment to make positive changes, while saving money.

Leaning on data collected through Con-Serve™, the sustainability data management system developed by Considerate Hoteliers, the index will accompany a series of articles demonstrating how hoteliers can identify and address problems with their energy use, water consumption, laundry and waste disposal practices and ultimately save money.

For the sustainability index, Considerate Hoteliers’ expert team has collated not only data gathered through Con-Serve™ but also data provided through the TripAdvisor Green Leaders Programme; The International Tourism Partnership’s Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI); and CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project). These schemes were chosen as they cover three key aspects of the market. The consumer’s interests are addressed through Trip Advisor’s Green Leaders Programme, HCMI’s data for RFP processes suits the corporate traveller, and finally the investors’ interests are covered by CDP reporting.

Con-Serve™ is able to deliver data to feed into each of these schemes, as well as complying with HCMI for the measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. By promoting consistent standards within the industry, the various frameworks covered by the sustainability index are key for understanding the performance of the hospitality industry as a whole, as well as facilitating bench-marking.


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