Hypnos’ decade long commitment to carbon neutrality is celebrated with new certification and launch of new recyclable packaging

February 25, 2021

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Sujaan Punja


Royal warrant holder, leading sustainable sleep brand and, Considerate Member – Hypnos, has announced that its decade-long commitment to carbon neutrality and environmentally-friendly product design has been recognised with a prestigious ‘The Planet Mark – Carbon Neutral Certification.

Having been carbon-neutral for over a decade and offset over 9,550 tonnes of carbon along the way, Hypnos has demonstrated its pioneering and long-running environmental credentials.

The ethical company was the first bed manufacturer in the world to have become carbon neutral.

The Planet Mark is committed to the United Nations Decade of Action, which cover everything from sustainable living to climate change and creating a circular economy. The Planet Mark is a highly distinguished sustainability certification for businesses in the UK and internationally, recognising continuous improvements within a company across a wide range of areas including building strong employee engagement to create a sustainable culture.

This certification comes shortly after the family-owned British bedmaker announced it had developed an innovative new recyclable, eco-friendly and carbon neutral packaging solution. At the heart of the packaging is sugar cane, a renewable and carbon dioxide depleting resource. Sugar cane ethanol is combined with recycled plastic which has a carbon footprint that can be up to four times lower than that of normal plastic, helping those who use it to massively reduce their carbon footprint. This new solution will be used for their beds and mattresses across its retail and contract factories. An essential part of the process is the removal and return of the packaging by Hypnos’ delivery partners as this allows it to be returned and recycled in perpetuity. As a result Hypnos is taking back its new packaging from retailers and hospitality partners wherever possible so that it can once again be recycled.

Richard Naylor, Sustainable Development Director at Hypnos Beds, said: “If all the mattress manufacturers in the UK switched to eco polythene instead, it would save a staggering 8,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, so just imagine what could be achieved if bed and furniture manufacturers world-wide made this change!”

Indeed, Hypnos made the decision not to patent or trademark this revolutionary packaging for themselves. Instead they want to share their innovation globally and are calling on industries around the world to ditch single use polythene and make the transition to this 100 per cent recyclable product.

Naylor, goes on to say “Our commitment to sustainable sleep is something which affects every single corner of our business.”

“From our sustainability-led culture, products and operations to working with fully traceable materials and certified farmers and growers in our supply chain, right through to how we actually package our finished products.”

 “We’re delighted to be able to add The Planet Mark to our list of credentials which we have built throughout our long journey to sustainable sleep. We’ve led the way when it comes to environmentally-friendly bedmaking for well over a decade and are excited for everything we have planned over the next decade as well.”

Steve Malkin, CEO and founder of The Planet Mark, adds: “Understanding and reducing the impact that your business has on the planet is absolutely essential and we know that Hypnos has been unrelenting in its pursuit of truly sustainable beds, delivering outstanding products for both its customers and the planet. We’re pleased to see such strong commitment to the environment and to social responsibility from a well-known and respected British brand and it’s great to work together to achieve common environmental goals.”

In addition, Hypnos were also awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development last year.

To find out more about Hypnos’ commitment to sustainable sleep, head to www.hypnoscontractbeds.com