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Improving Our Local Air Quality in Paddington

February 1, 2018

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Benedetta Cassineli

Air pollution in London has reached alarming levels. Only four weeks into the new year, the Capital has already reached the EU legal limit for pollution for the whole of 2018.

Since 2010, London and most urban areas of the UK have had toxic air levels. By law, the hourly quantities of toxic nitrogen dioxide (NO2) must be under 200 micrograms per cubic metre and should not exceed that level more than 18 times within the duration of one year.

Although the legal limit for 2018 has been breached, initiatives are being implemented and progress has been made to mitigate this. Business Improvement Districts are collaborating with Cross River Partnership and the Mayor of London’s Clean Air Fund to pave the way and improve the air quality. The PaddingtonNow BID has most recently enforced its Take Action for Cleaner Air Today campaign. And Considerate Hoteliers, a specialist company that helps hospitality businesses operate more responsibly, is helping clients minimise their environmental impact.

The British Hospitality Association’s The Economic Contribution of the UK Hospitality Industry report highlights that the sector generated over £73bn of GVA directly to the UK economy in 2016 and a further £87bn indirectly; and that the hospitality industry is the fourth biggest employer in the UK.  Therefore, If London – and the broader UK – wishes to remain one of the world’s most attractive destinations, and at the same time continue to bolster the economy, whilst caring for the health and well-being of guests and employees, the hospitality industry must get involved in tackling the issue of toxic air.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the hospitality industry have a significant impact on air quality. For example, the average emissions from a one-night stay in a UK Hotel is 31.1kg and to offset this you need to plant a tree seedling and let it grow for eight years.

Users of Considerate Hoteliers Con-Serve™ data management system, which tracks metrics including:  gas, electricity, water and outsourced laundry, which can be correlated occupancy and/or food covers is helping hospitality businesses identify inefficiencies, improve performance and implement change.

The Considerate Hoteliers UK team is based at WeWork Paddington. For more information, about how Considerate Hoteliers can help you improve air quality or any other aspect of CSR in your hospitality business, please contact us by email or call +44 (0) 20 3865 2052