Innovative technology to tackle food waste

Innovative technology to tackle food waste
Innovative technology to tackle food waste

IntelliDigest Ltd is a start-up company whose mission is to provide more environmentally friendly and holistic solutions to combat food waste. They are tackling the issue from two sides – repurposing edible food that would otherwise be discarded, and converting real food ‘waste’ in to climate-friendly materials.

IntelliDigest has a patented biochemical process – ID Box – that converts inedible food waste in to climate-friendly material, and for which businesses can sign up to a monthly subscription. The ID Box uses Artificial Intelligence to characterise food waste, which allows it to use the optimal enzymes to break the items down quickly and efficiently. ID Box aims to enable customers to help meet the UK target that no food will be disposed of by drain or sewer by January 2021.

ID Box users can then sell the climate friendly biochemicals produced by the breakdown of food waste on the IntelliTrade marketplace. Businesses needing to manufacture their packaging can buy chemicals sold on the marketplace, helping them achieve the target set by the United Nations – by 2030, all packaging must have at least 30% recyclable content. IntelliDigest Ltd will receive 10% of the value of the chemicals sold on the IntelliTrade marketplace.

Engagement with businesses has shown that approximately 50% of food waste is edible and suitable for human consumption. Bearing this in mind, the IntelliSavers platform and App has been developed to allow food businesses with surplus meals to match them with individuals in need of food. The technology takes in to account proximity, user meal preferences/allergies, online behaviour/searches and, over time, user response to IntelliSavers notifications, to match them with businesses sharing appropriate meals – at no cost to the individuals or ID Box users.

The use of Blockchain technology will enhance transparency and accountability on edible food waste saved and inedible food waste converted to climate friendly chemicals, boosting the eco-reputation of customers.

With the AI and automation driving ID Box, IntelliDigest Ltd can cater for the needs of large/medium-scale businesses and households alike. Marriott Hotels are currently using the product, and there are on-going discussions with Radisson and InterContinental Hotel Groups. Other sectors that have expressed interest in using IntelliDigest products include office canteens (Google), food manufacturers (Nestle), hospitals (NHS) and households. IntelliDigest Ltd have partnered with Bosch to manufacture and deliver ID Box to global markets, helping us move towards a eco-friendlier hospitality industry and a more sustainable circular bio-economy.

They are organising a Stakeholder event to discuss how technology advances such as AI can be used to help a wide range of hospitality businesses reduce their environmental impact. Visit their site for more information and to get involved.

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