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Introducing fluttr, the energy management app for hospitality businesses.

April 14, 2021

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Isaac Pelham-Chipper

Free six-month pilot testing begins now!

Calling all hospitality businesses

As a busy hospitality business, energy consumption may not be top of your priority list. But what if we told you that across the UK, hospitality businesses have the potential to save over £435 million by being more energy efficient. Sound more interesting?

The sector consumes over 21,000 Gigawatt hours (GWh) per year, roughly the same as running 4 coal fire power plants or heating 1.2 million homes. Predictions show this could be reduced by around 20%, helping save our planet while also reducing costs.

We promise that saving money through reducing energy consumption is actually easier to do than you think. The trouble is, lots of people don’t know where, or how, to start, and are often too busy to take the time to work it out! Luckily, Considerate Group realised this too, which is why we made our simple, easy-to-use energy saving app, fluttr. Which is a bit like having a teeny tiny energy saving expert in your pocket 24/7.

Okay, how does it work?

fluttr helps responsible hospitality businesses understand their energy consumption and provides the tips and tools they need to become more energy efficient.

fluttr connects to your electricity smart meter, half hourly meter, or automated meter reading device (AMR) to collect your energy data. It then helps you understand your energy consumption so you can make meaningful savings, gives you tips to help you and your staff reduce energy throughout your business, and gives you access to all the information, suppliers, and financial help you need to manage your energy efficiency projects.

Busy? Check out the video we made to explain it:

Don’t just take our word for it!

‘I like it. It’s clear and simple. The only thing the app is asking me to do is to input the room nights, which only takes a second and is dead easy. The week on week comparison is nice, and it’s a great way of showing me the electricity cost. I also like the tip of the week. It allows me to record whether I am doing this.’ – Jonathan Kaye,Owner of Cedar Manor, Cumbria.

Fancy being involved? Become a pilot tester and trial fluttr for free!

fluttr’s second round of pilot testing begins this week and we’re on the lookout for hospitality businesses who want to help save energy, money, and the planet.

All you need is a smart meter, a half hourly meter, or an interest in upgrading your old meter, and we can get you on the way!

If this is you, get in touch at or contact us via our website