New Magazine for Committed Optimists

New Magazine for Committed Optimists
New Magazine for Committed Optimists

Last Night I Had a Dream is a London-based independent, insightful and aesthetically unique, cultural magazine. It is the new international edition of an already well-established  magazine, ‘Anoche Tuve Un Sueño’, which has been circulated in Spain and Latin America for five years. Its purpose is to contribute to the creation of a new style of high quality journalism and promote sustainable thinking.  Last Night I had a Dream is the magazine for the committed optimist!

The magazine offers its readers a unique experience that transcends the mere activity of reading. It features engaging content from the arts, science, technology, philosophy, ethical travel and fashion, to social causes, environmental movements and sustainable businesses. Content is holistic, elegant, tailored, democratic, durable, non-toxic, and distinctive. Last Night I Had a Dream is printed on premium quality 100% recycled chlorine-free paper.

To celebrate the launch  in the UK, and its new partnership with Considerate Hoteliers, Last Night I Had a Dream is offering Considerate Hoteliers members, suppliers, partners and Con-Serve™ users exclusive promotional discounts of up to 50% on advertising and advertorials. For information, contact: Fernando López del Prado

Its estimated readership of 50,000 has strong ethical values; is race and gender-blind; and desires to live a high-quality lifestyle while being socially minded. Readers are discerning with a global outlook that is socially committed, well-travelled and have above average purchasing power.  Last Night I Had a Dream will be strategically placed in four and five-star boutique hotels, corporate lobbies, private member’s clubs. health centres, gyms and yoga centres, universities and business schools. Sales distribution in London will cover selected newsstands, Waterstones, Foyles, WH Smith Travel, V&A Museum, Tate Galleries, Royal Academy of Arts and National Theatre. It will be found within the USA, Canada, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brisbane, Singapore and Tokyo. It will also be available online.

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