Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn
Lunch & Learn

As part of our advisory services, the Considerate Group offer a series of Lunch & Learn training workshops – an informal learning opportunity for internal stakeholders in hospitality businesses located within the Greater London area.

Lunch & Learns  are designed for hospitality businesses that want to engage their teams in driving a responsible business culture as part of broader CSR initiatives or processes. The user-friendly content and delivery is presented jargon-free, using plain English and non-technical language.

Lunch & Learns can help your hospitality business by increasing employee engagement; building stronger teams; providing a low cost, time-efficient & high-impact solution to support a responsible business culture; and identifying new ways of working that can positively impact bottom line and reduce your environmental impact.


GET YOUR GREEN TEAM GOING: A great starting block for new green teams or to re-energise existing ones

HOW TO #GETINVOLVED: Ideal for teams that are looking for ways to get more involved within their local community.

FOOD & BEVERAGE DEMYSTIFIED: Clarity around frequently used terms such as seasonal, ethical, organic, Fair trade, free range and non-GMO.

WHAT ABOUT WASTE? An overview of the different types of waste, their environmental impact, and waste reduction tips.

CSR & SOCIAL MEDIA: How to build content around CSR to help you better engage with stakeholders.

CSR MYTH & JARGON BUSTER: An overview of terminology and common misconceptions around CSR.

CON-SERVE CONSOLIDATED: Equips participants to train and/or communicate the relevance and benefits of the Con-Serve data management system to operational and functional departments at property or group level.

AN ABC TO THE SDGs: Covers the UN’s 17 sustainability development goals and how – at local level – your hospitality business can support them.


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