Make Toast Not Waste

Make Toast Not Waste
Make Toast Not Waste

Make Toast Not Waste – WRAP’s latest Love Food Hate Waste campaign is focused on bread, which is at the top of the list of the most wasted foods in the UK.  24 million slices of bread – with a retail value of around £1.2 million – are thrown away by householders every day.

With consumers wasting that much each day, have you considered how much money your hospitality business might be losing by throwing away uneaten bread or toast following breakfast service? The Crieff Hydro hotel did and calculated that being over-generous with toast and jam was costing them approximately £6,500 per year. Armed with this information they then applied their findings more widely to save over £50,000 per year.

Find out how Crieff Hydro achieved these savings and how you can start saving in your business by visiting WRAP’s Toast web page and looking at the ‘Your Business is Food; don’t throw it away’ toolkit.

You can also request a copy of the toolkit from Considerate Hoteliers by email or call 020 3865 2052.

How to Get Involved in the Make Toast Not Waste Campaign
1. Download Wrap’s ‘Toast-o-Meter‘ to start tracking
2. Support the Make Toast Not Waste campaign to reinforce the messaging to staff and guests alike
3. Use the #MakeToastNotWaste hashtag in your social media
4.Consider a “Toast Topper” option on your menu during the wider campaign which runs from 12th March to 8th April
5.  Make your own small changes to reduce your food waste and explain to your staff and guests why you are doing it
6.Measure the food you are throwing away to identify where the big opportunities lie to save more money using Wrap’s calculator
7. Use Wrap’s checklist to see how you measure up

To learn more about how Considerate Hoteliers can help you tackle food waste – or any other aspect of sustainability – in your hospitality business, get in touch with the team.

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