National Parks Week

National Parks Week
National Parks Week

Monday 23rd July sees the beginning of the annual National Parks Week in the UK. This week aims to raise public awareness of Britain’s National Parks, celebrating their beauty, diversity and the wide range of opportunities they offer for recreation and enjoyment. National Parks provide the perfect environment for family holidays and day trips.

Did you know that there are 15 National Parks in the UK? They protect almost 10% of England, 20% of Wales and 8% of Scotland. These unique and special areas are certainly worth promoting and protecting. They are committed to limiting the impact of climate change, both via their own projects, and by educating their visitors on how everyone can help. As well as promoting National Parks as a tourist destination, this week also provides a great reminder of the many wellbeing benefits for body and mind of being out in the open air.

If your business is located near one of the 15 National Parks in the UK, why not organize an event to highlight the week, or advertise the events already on offer throughout the country?

Visiting the Great Outdoors traditionally involves travelling by car. The National Parks family is working hard to promote sustainable travel to these beautiful parts of the country, and has highlighted information provided by to visit the parks without bringing the car.

For our London-based members and partners, 21st – 29th July also sees the launch of the first ever London National Park City Week.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the London National City Park Foundation are coordinating this event. The team behind the Foundation – now a registered charity – has been campaigning since 2013 to make London the first National Park City in the world. This looks set to become a reality in Spring 2019, and this celebratory week is designed to highlight the importance of protecting, enjoying and increasing London’s green spaces. By doing this, the Mayor hopes to ‘improve air quality, conserve wildlife and develop a green infrastructure to benefit all Londoners.’ We at Considerate Hoteliers highlighted the importance of raising awareness about air pollution in a recent article. The London National Park City Foundation also offer a reminder of some great general wellbeing advice.

Want to get more involved?

You can support the National Parks as an individual or as a corporate partner.

Further information on joining the London National Park City Partnership will be available later in the year, but you can register your interest now to receive relevant news and updates.

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