Measure impact of energy saving initiatives and out-of-hours’ consumption

Measure impact of energy saving initiatives and out-of-hours’ consumption
Measure impact of energy saving initiatives and out-of-hours’ consumption

Operational Hours

Our new Con-Serve™ feature allows you to achieve savings without affecting customer satisfaction by targeting out-of-hours’ consumption. Con-Serve™ will calculate consumption during the main operating hours separately to the out-of-hours’ consumption for any given time period –  on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The operating hours are set for your property and can be fully customized – you can set different operating hours for different days of the week, as well as different months. Within the ‘Analytics’ module, operating hours can now be overlaid to provide clear displays, illustrating consumption levels relative to operational status. The chart shows an example of a distribution between operating and non-operating hours on a monthly basis.

This feature allows for a more developed understanding of how a hotel operates when it is not in full use, in comparison to when it is expected to be in active use, which in turn should translate into insights on how to gain efficiency improvements. From our experience, targeting night consumption results in easy savings – in fact one of our clients reduced its out-of-hours consumption by 60%, saving the hotel £1,630 in the course of two months!

In addition, it is now possible to set alerts individually for operating or non-operating hours, which allows for a more accurate identification of spikes in consumption.

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Assess impact of saving initiatives

Through Con-Serve™ project functionality, any installation, retrofit or behavioural changes can be tracked throughout each stage of its progress, from the identification of the project opportunity to its qualification and subsequent completion.  Con-Serve™ automatically calculates return on investments and payback time of any implemented initiatives based on the actual consumption tracked under the corresponding meter. For example, expected savings from fitting water tap restrictors can be calculated on actual water usage and costs of the site.

The progress of your initiatives can be easily tracked and verified through Con-Serve™ Analytics tab, simply by selecting the project as a chart overlay. Con-Serve™ can now also take into account external influences, such as weather or fluctuations in occupancy, to get a more accurate picture of the savings made from the implemented project.

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