News Bulletin – Summer 2016

News Bulletin – Summer 2016
News Bulletin – Summer 2016

Since our spring news bulletin, the European Union and the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, as we knew it, are no longer the same. We live in a time of imminent change; but change can also open up opportunities. So let us seize them!

Despite these seismic ruptures, we are optimistic about the future. As old systems fragment and break away, there will be space for new ones to emerge. And possibly the catalyst needed for responsible businesses to thrive. The old approach – purely about profit and placing no value on precious natural resources is giving way to new practices; people, planet and prosperity.

Governments and businesses around the world have moved to integrate the United Nations 2030 agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) into policy making processes. The SDG’s represent the boldest collective effort in the history to improve the well-being of citizens, while respecting Earth’s natural limits. Advancing sustainable development worldwide now has a road map: implementing the 17 SDG’s until the 2030 deadline is the path to transform development and build a better world for all.

The same goes for the agreements reached at COP21 to reducing global Co2 emissions and to stop global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius. All treaties have been signed and ratified by all counties – this is a historic achievement.

Losing membership of the EU, therefore, must not mean that the UK withdraws from the great global challenges of our times. In fact, the UK government already confirmed a new target to cut carbon emissions by 57% by 2032 compared to 1990 levels, only a week after the referendum’s outcome.

At Considerate Hoteliers we strongly believe that technology, innovation, transparency and collaboration are key in optimising the new opportunities on the horizon; and can help you pave your own road to responsible hospitality.


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