Organic Your September

Organic Your September
Organic Your September

Organic September is just around the corner, so why not take part? #Organic September is UK’s biggest campaign celebrating all things organic – from the simple recipes that make eating well, easy and delicious, to the people who make our amazing produce.

Why should you support Organic September? Organic farming sustains soils, ecosystems and people. It prohibits the use of pollutants including synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, supports biodiversity and improves animal welfare. ‘If all UK farmland was converted to organic farming, at least 3.2 million tonnes of carbon would be taken up by the soil each year – the equivalent of taking 1 million cars off the road’. Not only is it better for the planet to choose organic but also for you. ‘Over 320 pesticides can be routinely used in non-organic farming and these are often present in non-organic food.’ Find out more in the Soil Association website, as it is the leading charity pioneering organic farming solutions.

Organic September aims to raise awareness of all things organic, highlighting how simple and beneficial it is to switch to organic products. Organic products are readily available nationwide in supermarkets, independent retailers, restaurants and hotels.

The Soil Association has developed numerous events, tools and opportunities to raise awareness of Organic September. Their Digital Tool Kit, contains Twitter, Instagram and Facebook imagery to share the campaign. Furthermore for the occasion, the charity generated content and a social media campaign focused on telling your stories and asking guests why they #ChooseOrganic. The Soil Association marketing team provides free marketing materials and opportunities to get involved with the campaign and raise the profile of organic all year round.

Organic Your September and join the many events happening across the UK from pop-up organic markets to farm walks and tasting events, there is something for everyone.

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