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  • “As Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured gets managed.” When you add the benchmarking and user-friendliness of Con-Serve it makes a great tool. Moreover, there is a brilliant team behind to help you to craft useful reports for your team to make green decisions.”

  • “With Con-Serve we have developed a robust data management system which allows us to understand, quantify and benchmark our sustainability performance across 9 hotels. Moreover, by streamlining our data collection process, we are now able to accurately calculate our greenhouse gas emissions which has become ever more important following COP21.”

  • “Through Con-Serve, we have been able to benchmark the sustainability performance of our 12 hotels which has allowed us to easily identify the leaders and laggards in the group, and also highlight to us where we need to focus our attention to realise maximum returns. We have now formulated an action plan to improve performance in all of our hotels, and will closely be monitoring the impacts of our initiatives in real time using Con-Serve.”

  • “Con-Serve has allowed us to gain a clear picture of our water and energy usage as a whole, however the real value of the system to us is the ability to correlate utility costs with room nights. This functionality enables us take into account hotel occupancy when quantifying the financial impact of any savings initiatives we implement, which consequently supports us in driving our sustainability agenda further.”

  • “Through their proprietary data management system Con-Serve, Considerate Hoteliers is leading the Hospitality industry towards a truly sustainable future. This cutting edge technology enables our members to monitor and measure their resource outputs, spot trends and inefficiencies, ultimately leading to substantial savings as well as a healthier planet.”


  • “We found the workshop very engaging, informative and productive. I am very pleased to see all that we accomplished in a morning, and feel as though we are more on track to reaching our sustainability goals.”


  • “Xenia zu Hohenlohe and the Considerate Group’s professional support and visionary approach has helped establish the Oetker Collection as a sustainability leader within the hospitality industry. Their expert services have helped embed CSR into our brand DNA, raise awareness with both staff and guests as well as enhance the bottom line”

  • “I was introduced to Considerate Hoteliers in the early part of 2016 as they had been requested to undertake an audit of The Mustique Company Limited's “Corporate & Social Responsibility”. Since this time, we have undertaken several other projects linked to the CSR strategy including green projects, staff training, carbon reporting, conservation signage.

    I have worked exclusively with Xenia Hohenlohe and Benedetta Cassinelli and found both of them to be very professional and knowledgeable in their field of experience within hotels, resorts, community and carbon reporting.”

Considerate Hoteliers

  • “Considerate Hoteliers has been instrumental in awakening the hospitality sector to the bugle call of sustainability. One Aldwych hotel heard that call. We have come a long way since by being a part of Considerate Hoteliers. We were not alone in entering an arena of cooperation. Since joining, we have made considerable progress: winning the annual Considerate Hotel of the year award; and being awarded the Hotel Catey as the Green Hotel of the Year. God save the Green!”

  • Royal Lancaster

    “Considerate Hoteliers has been a wonderful source of inspiration for our ECO journey for environment, sustainability and social responsibility. Since 2005 we have worked together to look at all our environmental initiatives from encouraging recycling to joining the GTBS which was launched at our hotel. As a hotel we have received excellent advice and fully support Considerate Hoteliers and our progress in this field just grows and grows.”

  • “With Considerate Hoteliers help, The Savoy’s first ever Green Team was set up in March 2005. It consequently developed a carbon emissions strategy, with a six-year payback on major investment, introducing a hot water recovery system, CHP plant, Inncom System, Air Handing Unit Free Cooling plant and Integrated Building Management System with 24hour smart monitoring - reducing electricity usage by 50% and total energy consumption by up to 40%; equating to a permanent reduction of 3,332 tons of carbon and offering an enhanced service experience to the guests as a result.”

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