Latest Industry Plastic-free Initiatives

Latest Industry Plastic-free Initiatives
Latest Industry Plastic-free Initiatives

The Plastic-free revolution has taken great leaps forward in the hospitality industry this month.

We were very proud to announce last week that the Oetker Collection has introduced a plastic ban in all their properties, which we supported them with, removing all the following items:

Plastic Straws

Plastic drink stirrers

Plastic cups in canteens

Plastic glass covers in rooms

Plastic wrapping of individual sugar cubes or portions

Plastic Q-tips/ Cotton swabs

This action is very much in line with their longstanding belief in the importance of protecting the environment and our wildlife. Having worked with the Oetker Collection for various years it is fantastically inspiring and rewarding to see this positive action being implemented.

The Mustique Company have also implemented a number of initiatives to reduce their plastic waste, highlighting the actions that luxury island resorts can take, such as:

Removing plastic bags from the island’s main shop

Banning all products containing microbeads

Replacing plastic straws with paper ones in their Cotton House, Beach Bar, and Basil’s Bar restaurants

Using only biodegradable packaging

Using the Vero Water filtration system to reduce plastic bottle use on the Island

As another of our longstanding clients, Considerate Hoteliers are very proud of their ongoing commitment to reduce their environmental impact.

Red Carnation Hotels, who have been a loyal Considerate Hoteliers member for years, have confirmed they are phasing out plastic, with single-use items to be eliminated from all their properties worldwide by 2022.

Marriott Hotels also announced last week that they will be removing plastic straws and stirrers from all their 6500+ properties worldwide by July 2019.

They join a number of large international hotel chains who have publicly committed to plastic initiatives recently – such as Hilton Hotels, and Iberostar – who have gone even further – with a plan to eliminate all single-use plastics by 2019, as announced on World Oceans Day earlier this year. Iberostar’s plastic-free commitment is part of their ‘Wave of Change’ program, which focuses on three core initiatives: to reduce plastic pollution, promote sustainable fishing, and conserve and protect marine ecosystems – of prime importance given that 80% of the hotels’ portfolio are beachfront properties.

These are all very important steps forward, and part of the wider efforts hotels are making to manage and reduce their environmental impact. We are sure many more will follow!

How is your operation addressing the plastic question? Can Considerate Hoteliers help you find a way forward?

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