Our water saving heroes: Qbic London City

Our water saving heroes: Qbic London City
Our water saving heroes: Qbic London City

Qbic London City is our water saving hero! Since the hotel started using our Con-Serve™ data management system in 2015, the hotel has shown its commitment to reducing its consumption by saving water for three years in a row. Even more impressive are the stats – they have almost halved their total consumption during this period with a 47% decrease in usage and 43% decrease in costs compared to 2015. To put this into perspective, the hotel has saved enough water over this period to fill two olympic-sized swimming pools!

The most significant water saving was achieved in the first year, when the hotel introduced new shower heads and its ‘Qbic Coin’ initiative. In that year the hotel reduced it’s overall and per room night consumption by 41%! The actual amount saved was 4,193,570 litres – equivalent to taking 67,638 showers. The new showerheads mix water and air together – reducing water usage per shower while increasing shower pressure to improve the guest experience.  As part of the Qbic Coin initiative, guests who choose not to have their room cleaned are rewarded with a £5 credit for a drink at the hotel. As a result, approximately 30% of guests elect not to have their room cleaned.

During the past year the hotel recorded a further water saving of 5%. This was achieved despite a recent refurbishment, which increased the capacity of both the hotel and its restaurant (Motley), and the decision to move the hotels laundry in-house. All these changes increase the water demands on the hotel, making it even more remarkable that the consumption decreased – providing further evidence of the hotel’s water efficiency.

Water saving is far from the only sustainability initiative that Qbic London City is engaged in. The hotel takes a holistic approach to reducing its environmental impact and engaging with local communities, which allows it to describe itself as the Greenest Hotel in London. To take this to the next level and to further raise awareness amongst employees and guests, the hotel has recently launched a new internal green team.

We would like to congratulate Qbic on their achievements to date and look forward to continuing to support the hotel with their ongoing initiatives!

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