Saving on baseline consumption during Covid-19

January 26, 2021

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Sana Rajkovic

How high is your business’ baseline consumption and could it be lowered further?

THE BRIEF: While many hotels were closed during the Covid-19 lockdown (Spring 2020), this was an excellent opportunity to look into how much energy the premises use by default.

OUR APPROACH: During the pandemic we continued to monitor our clients’ energy consumption through Con-Serve™. We analysed the data to identify patterns of unnecessary energy use, and alerted clients to potential cost savings. Across our clients’ electricity consumption, there was a clear impact as a result of COVID-19 from the end of February onwards. Due to hotel closures a major drop in electricity use occurred across our client base (mainly UK, Germany, France), especially during the first two weeks of March.

WHAT WE DID: Based on our clients, we established a benchmark of energy reductions resulting from COVID-19, and we provided our clients with an overview of their consumption against this benchmark. Overall, our analysis showed that weekly electricity consumption dropped by 62.0% on average after the end of February. The maximum savings were achieved by a hotel in London which managed to lower their electricity consumption by 92.2%. Even the hotel with the smallest reduction (which remained open with about 16% of their usual occupancy) managed to reduce weekly consumption by 44%. This analysis prompted the owner and the chief engineer at one property to contact the Considerate Group; they had only reduced consumption by 49% since the end of February and were both concerned by their performance against the benchmark.

Hotels’ Electricity Usage per m2

THE RESULTS: Following a call with our team, who were able to provide energy saving recommendations, the engineer was able to take immediate actions – with impressive results! Compared to the beginning of the pandemic, the hotel’s electricity use is now down by 82.4%! This additional intervention at the beginning of May saved the hotel an additional £1,000 per week in electricity bills.

STUDY BACKGROUND: Benchmark was based on half-hourly electricity data from a mix of 3 to 5 Star Hotels. The individual Hotel described is a 4-Star London Hotel. The hotel (Victorian style, listed building) is planned to undergo refurbishment shortly during which some of the older equipment will be replaced with more efficient options.