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Powerful data in your hands


You know there are energy and resource inefficiencies in your hospitality business. Finding them has been hard. Until now.

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What is CON-SERVE™?

Our esteemed data-monitoring platform, Con-Serve™, allows you to simply, but comprehensively, measure resource consumption and broader ESG metrics including: electricity, heat, water, waste, food miles, business travel, volunteer hours, etc.

Con-Serve™ quickly enables you to identify the inefficiencies that impact the performance of your business, both environmentally and commercially. It's a fully scalable turn-key solution that can be used across single or multi-site operations, globally.

With dedicated support from our in-house team of data analysts, getting Con-Serve™ quickly set-up at your hotel, restaurant, visitor attraction, or venue is simple


From platform demonstrations to guidelines and templates, from checklists to toolkits, Considerate Group will ensure your Con-Serve™ user experience is effortless


Con-Serve™ accepts and manages high frequency data from AMR/SMART meters and has options for simple manual data uploads

Data collection

What makes Con-Serve™ special? - many of the overlays are hospitality specific, including room nights, food covers, conference guests, spa users, etc.

Metrics and overlays

Con-Serve™ tracks individual project performance, return on investment, and offers trend analysis to industry benchmarking

Setting targets and tracking performance

Let Con-Serve™ take the headache away from tracking and calculating carbon emissions and get support to set targets and make carbon reduction plans

Net zero carbon pathway

Con-Serve™ has a document repository. It allows for unlimited users and has the ability to create unlimited subgroups for your portfolio


We speak your language - Con-Serve™ subscriptions are supported by a dedicated data, sustainability and hospitality specialist. Services can be provided in English, French, German, and Spanish


Con-Serve™ subscription provides access to tailored weekly or monthly automated reports, and bespoke quarterly and annual technical reports


Con-Serve™ is a unique system due to the on-going analytical support of our team of data & sustainability analysts.

Service Tiers

Whoever you are, or whatever size your hospitality business, there is a CON-SERVE™ plan for you that will help you quickly make the difference.

"CON-SERVE™ helps shine a light on an area that can be hard to get to grips with due to changing prices and consumption. The team review and crunch the numbers that enable us to focus on how to correctly manage one of the largest expenses in our business. The data is great, broken down, easy to understand and makes it simple for us to communicate actions at all levels in the business and keep it live in the daily weekly and monthly priorities.”

John Philipson
-COO, Cheval Collection 

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Getting CON-SERVE™ quickly set-up at your hotel,
restaurant or venue is simple.

Our in-house team of sustainability analysts and account managers do the legwork for you. We’ll build you a portfolio of properties and will train all users and provide training manuals and videos.

"With Con-Serve™ we finally found a tool that simplifies our energy management. With just a few clicks, we can always get the latest data that we need and create reports for internal and external purposes. "

Stefanie Tankut
-Group Coordinator Maintenance, Ruby Hotels

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