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Spicing up smart meters with fluttr

June 30, 2021

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Martha Brown


For years we have heard the government talk about smart meters. But what are they, and why are they useful to your business?  

Here we shed some light on what getting a smart meter could do for your business, and how creating a unified energy network will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and edge us closer to reaching the UKs Net Zero goal by 2050. 

Why are smart meters important? 

Existing non-smart electrical and gas meters only measure total consumption without the ability to share exactly how and when energy is consumed. This means that both customers and utility companies are in the dark about the reality of our typical electricity usage. This has left us reliant on estimated bills, which can be inaccurate and not benefit those consumers who use energy more efficiently. Smart meters are an important step in allowing active management of our energy system.  

Ultimately, smart metering is crucial to building a smart energy system. As a customer, you can be actively involved, and can decide how you engage with it. Smart meters give customers and utility companies access to more data which can result in cost and energy savings, which will then also lead to reduced pollution. Let’s explain this in more detail!  

Smart meters use modern digital technology to understand when customers across the UK use energy on a large scale, as well as how much they use.  This will allow the system to better manage what energy is needed, where. That means reducing energy waste and, also moving away from being reliant on fossil fuel energy, instead investing in renewables. 

Smart meters will enable low carbon technology in the future 

Smart meters have the potential to unlock the development of exciting new technology that will make our buildings more energy efficient in the future, which will help reduce our carbon footprint. Considerate Group has already developed an exciting new tool to do just this, but more about in that in a moment…  

In a nutshell the benefits of smart meters are: 

More accurate billing for you 

Education about your business’ energy use  

The option to change your behaviour and utilise cheaper energy  

Identify and respond to power outages more quickly 

Better balance supply with demand, which then helps to… 

Reduce waste – in fact, the government predicts that the smart meter rollout could save £650m* 

Enable energy suppliers to draw on more sources of local and renewable energy 

What difference can it make to the hospitality sector?  

The UK hospitality industry consumes 21,000GWh of energy every year – equivalent to powering a staggering 1.2 million homes. An energy efficiency survey undertaken by the Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) indicated that there’s potential to save at least 4,300 GWh of energy per year through more energy efficient practices - which equates to an annual saving of £435 million.   

Energy costs account for around 10% of a hotel’s operating costs. The Carbon Trust has stated that reducing energy costs is one of the simplest ways for a hospitality business to increase their profitability. Any reduction in costs will have a direct positive impact on the bottom line – a priority now more than ever! 

How the fluttr can you start to make these savings?  

Considerate Group have developed a helpful tool just for you!  

fluttr  is designed to help SMEs hospitality businesses utilise their smart meters and upgrade their buildings. It does this by helping users to understand and reduce their consumption through tailored behavioural change tips and providing support in identifying and upgrading inefficient equipment within the business.  

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