Summer News Bulletin 2018

Summer News Bulletin 2018
Summer News Bulletin 2018

Since last summer’s news bulletin, in which we highlighted all Climate Activism taking place despite the lack of support from certain governments for the Paris Agreement, many companies, cities, regions and governments have been working tirelessly to continue with their commitments to reach the set targets.

Even since our spring newsletter when we talked about the crisis around single-use plastic everyone has finally woken up to, many of our hotels have heard the call and rallied to the cause, banning various plastic items in their hotels.

Words have been followed up by actions and solutions are being found everywhere- a very encouraging development!

We at Considerate Hoteliers have also not been idle and with this newsletter we wanted to showcase how much is happening in our industry and the innovative companies we are partnering and collaborating with in order to deliver ground-breaking solutions. Our team has been travelling to many countries to attend important events to keep us all at the forefront of developments. We are continuously applying new training methods to make sure all stakeholders are aware and engaged in these change-making processes, plus we are finding new communication messages to engage staff as well as guests.

Let me therefore highlight a few of the happenings our end, which you can read about in more detail on the provided links:

  1. BEIS- as already announced in the Spring, Considerate Hoteliers was given a grant by the British Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to develop an energy management app, specifically for the UK SME hospitality market.
  2. Partnerships- we have partnered with various innovative companies delivering ground breaking solutions for renewable energy solutions (Dhybrid), energy efficiency projects (ZEB and GBSOLS) as well as with a new marketing and sales platform (It Must Be Now) dedicated to driving responsible business in hotels.
  3. Boutique and innovative hotel brands leading the trend on energy efficiency- two new boutique hotel brands, Ruby Hotels and Hoxton Hotels in London, have joined the ranks of Con-Serve™
  4. Events (Vienna, Berlin, London)- a brief overview of all the events we attended as well as spoke at, always striving to give a voice to the hospitality sector in the global climate and economic arenas.
  5. Stop Slavery Blueprint– a ground breaking new toolkit for the hotel sector to address the issues around modern slavery elaborated by the Shiva Foundation, in collaboration with the UN.
  6. Mandatory Reporting– the legal frameworks for Carbon Reporting as well as other environmental reporting for the corporate sector has changed dramatically and we will keep you up-dated on the compliance that hotels need to be aware of.

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