Summer News Bulletin 2019

Summer News Bulletin 2019
Summer News Bulletin 2019

Q2 was one of our busiest quarters in a long time as our team was part of a total of six key industry and climate events, as demand increases for sustainability to become an integral part of hotel operations, and for tourism to be an active participant in international climate discussions.

As in previous years I attended the Austrian World Summit, a key Climate Conference in Vienna, with an appearance by Greta Thunberg a definite highlight. Her presence, in tandem with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unbound dedication to addressing climate issues, made for one of the strongest events I was able to participate in for a long time. As an active panel moderator as well as a presenter on the break out session for Tourism, I was extremely proud to showcase some of our hotel’s best practices as well as bring our know how to the table of these important international dialogues. Please read more here.

Equally my colleagues Joanna and Benedetta co-hosted a joint presentation with the Carbon Trust, for a Peer Review on the leading hotel companies in carbon effective and environmental measures. This also highlighted how much needs to happen in our specific sector as tourism is still seen as one of main laggards when it comes to climate mitigation.

This was followed by London’s inaugural Climate Action Week during the 1st week of July. This series of events emphasised the city’s unique role as the leading international hub for businesses working globally to tackle climate change, and encompassed more than 120 events. London Climate Action Week helped mobilise organisations and local communities as well as companies to work towards London’s Net Zero goal, and stimulate new conversations and partnerships. Our Business Development Manager, Joanna, was part of London & Partners, and the London Convention Bureau’s Day on Sustainability in Tourism. Her presentation centred around sustainability initiatives that hospitality businesses can integrate into their operations as well as highlighted best practice in the industry.

And last but not least – our Relationship Manager Kate attended a key discussion on Food Waste organised by DEFRA and our partners WRAP. This on-going dilemma for hotels represents a huge cost for hospitality businesses, without even mentioning the environmental impact of the food that is thrown away. The event highlighted the scale of the problem, but also the passion and enthusiasm of many to tackle the issue at all levels. Read our follow up on the event here.

On another note, we are making massive strides with our exciting new energy app Fluttr. Since announcing the name and some of the look of Fluttr in our last newsletter, we have moved on to the next phase of being able to share first data screens and offer Beta Testers the use of the app for free for the next 6 months! So hurry – and sign up!

As a quick reminder- the app aims to empower the whole team to reduce energy, keeping it simple, fun and easy to use with no complex charts, but offers relevant energy trends and correlated industry metrics at one glance. No previous expertise or technical knowledge is needed and it makes it easy for everyone to become an Eco Action Hero. Check out the new site!

With this we leave you to hopefully enjoy the warm summer months, although please do remember to use the AirCons’ efficiently and save water wherever you can!


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