Operating a more sustainable hotel kitchen

Operating a more sustainable hotel kitchen
Operating a more sustainable hotel kitchen

The Considerate Group have collaborated with Winnow – the experts developing technology to help chefs cut food waste – to create an easy-to-use guide on how to operate a more sustainable hotel kitchen.

We understand that hotels are very busy operations. Our guide is the result of our combined experiences and knowledge in sustainability & hospitality, designed to assist hotels in improving the efficiency of their kitchens by taking simple steps & implementing them consistently.

For a hospitality business, reducing energy & food costs is a straightforward way to improve your bottom line without impacting the guest experience. With the environmental impact of travel being a hot topic, guests are also becoming more interested in the sustainability practices of the hotels where they choose to stay.

From an environmental perspective, reducing food waste & water consumption has never been so important. With the recent IPCC report indicating that urgent & unprecedented changes worldwide will be required to limit the impact of climate change, there has never been a better time to put simple procedures in place to minimise your hotel’s environmental impact.

By making simple changes and following them through, your kitchen will become more efficient and sustainable, and costs will be reduced.

To download the guide with six simple steps to a more sustainable kitchen, click here.

Winnow have also compiled a guide to the five top trends likely to impact the hospitality industry for 2019, with insights from industry experts from Club Med, IKEA, Costa Cruises, and Hilton Hotels.

These trends reflect evolving customer expectations, and are all related to sustainability – from sourcing & promoting local, seasonal produce, to reducing the prevalence of single-use plastics. The identification of these key trends really underlines the importance of engaging with sustainability in your business.

Download the 2019 trends guide

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