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The 4th edition of Sustainability in the hospitality industry is out now!

September 6, 2022

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Celine Schreurs

Last month, the 4th edition of Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Principles of Sustainable Operations came out featuring Considerate Group participation.

We are honoured to have been chosen to contribute a case study on Dynamic Data Management showcasing our platform Con-Serve™ and are excited to support the sustainable transformation of our beautiful industry.  

Our Con-Serve™ platform allows users to measure consumption of electricity, heat, water, waste and outsourced laundry and enables users to identify resource consumption inefficiencies. It addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals and enables hospitality businesses to monitor their environmental consumption in order to reduce their impact and adapt to environmental, social and economic changes. 

The complete info box about Con-Serve™ including technical features and case studies can be found here: 

 AND in chapter 13, page 596-598, of the book. 

For the past years Prof. Dr. Willy Legrand, Prof. Dr. Gabriel Laeis and Joseph Chen have worked on this issue that is extending over 800 pages and 19 chapters. There have been plenty of topics to explore, explained and critiqued on such as the 17 SDGS, COP21 and the net zero imperative as well as the advances in ESG reporting.  

Some highlights to the new edition are: 

  1. 111 new case studies and info boxes from hospitality businesses showing best practices and recommendations. 
  2. Newly designed chapters on topics such as: food sourcing, Environmental management systems and KPI’s, Stakeholder Relationships, Facilities and challenges of operating in the global South.
  3. Chapters linking to specific SDG’s  
  4. In-class activities and projects for lecturers and students in each chapter.

It turned out a comprehensive guidebook that we are sure will encourage change and make our industry measurably and inspiringly more sustainable.  

So, a huge congratulations to all the contributors for this new edition.  

You can purchase it now: