The Bloomsbury reflects on 2018, and sets out its goals for 2019!

The Bloomsbury reflects on 2018, and sets out its goals for 2019!
The Bloomsbury reflects on 2018, and sets out its goals for 2019!

Voted the Number 3 London hotel in the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2018 following a major redesign and refurbishment, The Bloomsbury has been beautifully and sensitively transformed following a multimillion-pound investment programme.

This recent change also motivated the team to embark upon a journey to integrate responsible business practices within their operations and consequently decided to work with the Considerate Group for this endeavour.

As a hotel, they are fully committed to sustainability on all levels, which was highlighted by winning the Luxury Travels Guides Luxury Eco-friendly hotel of the year!

Following a series of workshops which we imparted at the hotel, great progress has been made. Here is a summary of their achievements of the past year, which we would  like to share and which may provide inspiration for others!


Having completed a full inventory of all single-use plastic items in the hotel, steps have been taken to reduce overall plastic consumption. All staff have been gifted refillable aluminium water bottles, paper cups have been introduced in the staff canteen –and paper straws can be found in all their delicious cocktails.


A vegan menu is available for guests, and they have introduced ‘Wellness Wednesday’ in to Café Bloom – offering healthier options for staff.


The Bloomsbury decided to engage with charities locally as well as internationally and therefore support the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, which is on their doorstep, donating hotel stays as auction and raffle prizes for a variety of charity events. They also work with CleanConscience – who recycle & repurpose partially used toiletries. They are planning to visit this charity to increase staff awareness.


In order to meet the key requirements of sustainability, The Bloomsbury set up systems for paper and battery recycling in all offices, with additional facilities to be installed throughout staff areas this year.

Several energy-saving initiatives have been put in place. Energy-saving LED Lighting and LED Panels have been installed in many areas of the hotel. Air Conditioning control has been automated to minimize excessive use. Aerators are being installed in the taps in guest bathrooms to reduce the flow of water without affecting the pressure – these will also be installed in back of house areas over the coming year.

For 2019, The Bloomsbury strives to further integrate sustainability into their teams by recruiting Green Champions from each department to be responsible for promoting green initiatives. They are also planning to set up a ‘Green’ profile and logo which can be used on collateral including their website and social media platforms

Plastic water dispensers are due to be replaced with water fountains; furthermore they are planning to organize plastic recycling workshops in order for staff members to come up with creative ways to turn plastic waste into usuable objects for the hotels, such as coasters for drinks or other items to engage guests with too.

Get in touch with us for more information on our advisory services and workshops to guide you on your sustainability journey.

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