Transforming My World

Transforming My World
Transforming My World

WTTC’s Global Summit in Thailand in April 2017 will focus on the role of tourism in Transforming Our World. As such, the WTTC wants to showcase stories of real people whose lives have been transformed by tourism. Are you someone or do you know someone whose life has been changed by tourism, whether having worked in the sector or by having an experience that has led to a transformative community effect?

The WTTC is currently sourcing real stories from real people to be filmed and then showcased during the Global Summit, on stage and on our live broadcast online.

To enter you need to be:
*Comfortable with sharing your story publicly
*Willing to appear on camera
*Have a day available for a film crew to interview you/whoever is involved in the story
*Show your work in the tourism sector if applicable

Transforming My World – Submit Entry

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