Tyram Lakes – Where Luxury and Sustainability Meet

Tyram Lakes – Where Luxury and Sustainability Meet
Tyram Lakes – Where Luxury and Sustainability Meet

Tyram Lakes Resort and Spa is a new development being built in Yorkshire which includes 325 luxurious designer-styled lodges and a 104 bedroom boutique hotel and spa with lake view fine dining, conference and meeting facilities. Additionally, the venue will serve as a picturesque wedding and party venue. The spa and leisure facilities include an indoor pool, outdoor pool, a leisure club, a superior spa and a state-of-the-art gymnasium.

The first phase of the development involves 50 floating lodges, and Geyser Thermal Energy (GTE) was tasked with designing a heating and water treatment system for the resort that focused on energy efficiency and sustainability.

The site had very limited electrical and water supplies (with no gas supply) and it was crucial that the system would not have a negative impact on the local ecology.

The primary focus was to develop a modular heating system that could be replicated across all phases of the project. For Phase 1 (the initial 50 floating lodges), GTE has designed an innovative district heating system which uses the main lake as a heat source. Click here to view a video showing how this works.

This combined use of heat pumps, solar PV, and intelligent battery storage ensures minimal dependency on external energy sources for the site.

The heating system at Tyram Lakes will use circa 90% less energy than a traditional boiler system would have used.

On the water filtration side, a highly efficient NextTM Scale Stop system is being installed by GTE prior to the heat pumps, removing the issue of limescale from the rest of the system and ensuring the longevity of the equipment.

Compared to a traditional salt-based, water softening system, the NextTM Scale Stop system is projected to save over 10,000,000 litres of water a year.

GTE is excited to be implementing an innovative renewable heating system coupled with highly efficient and ecologically sound water solutions for Tyram Lakes Resort. One that will result in minimal running costs and environmental impact.

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