UK Water Supply De-Regulation

UK Water Supply De-Regulation
UK Water Supply De-Regulation

Comments regarding UK water supply de-Regulation from Joseph Bazzinotti, global president, commercial laundry at Xeros.

From April 1, 2017 businesses, charities and public-sector organisations across the country, regardless of size or level of water consumption, will be able to choose their provider of water and wastewater retail services.

Joseph Bazzinotti, global president, commercial laundry at Xeros, commented: “We fully support the forthcoming water supply de-regulation in the UK because we believe it will hugely benefit hotel and commercial laundry operators who are not only trying to keep their businesses in the black, but also reduce the environmental impact they are having. Another key way in which these operations can reduce their bills and wastewater is by investing in an eco-friendly near-waterless laundry system on-site.

Xeros’ near-waterless washing machines reduce water and detergent use, use less energy and wash materials more effectively, whilst also being gentler than standard aqueous washing machines. When Xeros is implemented in a hotel, for example, the establishment saves an average of around £4,000 a year on water bills (assuming 23kg loads and eight washes over a six-day week, multiplied by 52 weeks). In fact, Xeros can confidently say that if a hotel were to switch its water provider after April 1 and implement its system, the savings each year could be between 1% and 8%.

“Wastewater is a huge issue not only in terms of the environmental impact but also the cost to hotels and other businesses. We believe the de-regulation of the market will help hotels, spas and commercial laundries reduce their water bills further – but another key way is to implement near-waterless and eco-friendly laundry technology. So why not reduce your variable water use with Xeros and lower your fixed water supply costs by switching providers after April 1?”

Xeros’ revolutionary polymer bead technology gives hotels the power to slash their utility costs while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.


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