Winter News Bulletin 2019: New Year – New Year’s Solutions (to support your resolutions!)

Winter News Bulletin 2019: New Year – New Year’s Solutions (to support your resolutions!)
Winter News Bulletin 2019: New Year – New Year’s Solutions (to support your resolutions!)

Following our re-branding in November last year, we would like our first newsletter to you as the Considerate Group to be one full of solutions as well as practical and inspirational bits of information to help support a maximum number of companies with finding their responsible business practices.

As key business and political leaders gather in the snowy peaks of Davos this week, it is the first year that they have all jointly declared their major concern for risks of the future to be Climate Change! According to Gillian Tett in the Financial Times “Climate issues account for three of the five risks deemed most likely to materialise in 2019 — and four of the top five risks that could cause the most damage“

The logical conclusion from that being that policy around this issue will shape up accordingly, as that has been the outcome of some of the past discussions at the WEF in regards to financial regulations, cyber security, as well as immigration.

The World needs to reach net-zero carbon emissions in 50 or 6o years, according to Nicholas Stern of the LSE. We therefore need to focus on the green growth of business in order to find the strategic opportunities within those circumstances.

Therefore it is even more poignant for us at Considerate to try and support businesses with hands-on, practical solutions to be able to meet these changing times and be prepared for new business environments.

Together with our partners Winnow, specialists in the reduction of food waste, we are offering a practical guide on the best ways to reduce other resource consumption in kitchens at the same time.

Within our local office area of Paddington in London we have installed our data monitoring platform Con-Serve™ in eight hotels for a project with PaddingtonNow BID, which aims to improve air quality in the borough.

The Bloomsbury Hotel, part of the Doyle Collection, engaged us to  deliver a series of workshops in order to get their sustainability agenda on the road, and have consequently been awarded the ‘Luxury Travel Guide’s Luxury Eco-friendly Hotel Of The Year’, which of course makes us immensely proud.

Awards generally play a huge role in encouraging your teams and employees to continue with their hard work on this journey to sustainability, hence we are delighted to highlight the finalists of this year’s Tourism for Tomorrow Awards as well as the winners of the 2018 Hotel Cateys.

And last but not least, as always, we introduce you to a series of suppliers who also offer hands on solutions to green your hospitality business for the future.

Plus we are delighted that the long awaited and much anticipated Heckfield Place in Hampshire has joined the ranks of Considerate Hoteliers.

So with this in mind, we look forward to working on lots more practical approaches with you to make 2019 a year of Solutions and help you to reach your resolutions!


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